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Brand Story in 5 Steps + Template

Brand Story in 5 steps 🤔

In the previous post we spoke about Brand Building and learnt that it starts with your Story.

What is it and why is it crucial for small businesses?
When you just start out, no one knows about you and you get lost among bigger businesses that already have a name and the budget for advertising.
❓How can you stand out? There is only that many Unique Selling Points you can add to your offer and you don’t want to compete on price because it’s the road to losing passion for your business and eventually closing down.
✅ Here is what you do

Brand Storytelling

1️⃣ Think of the very beginning. How did it all start? Why did you want to start in the first place? (has it always been your passion but you were scared to proceed and then something happened ? Is it a family biz that you guys have been building for generations? You get the idea)
2️⃣What were your desires, internal and external?
3️⃣What obstacles or problems did you have?
4️⃣What was your Epiphany? What was that new opportunity that you found that you wanted to share with the world. Help the world/your ideal TA with?
5️⃣What was the conflict there. Did it lead to you Achieving what you wanted or did it cause some sort of Transformation?

Brand Story Template

Hi guys, my name is Oli from Become Media and I help small businesses Build their Brands💻.
Become Media started as a web design agency as I’ve always loved building websites. It made me feel like an artist, creating something beautiful out of a few ideas.
I kept hearing that small businesses didn’t need a website and they could go by with just a Facebook page. And every time I could prove them wrong – your website is like your physical address🏠. If you have a business – you’ve gotta have a professional looking website.
After a few years of building websites something strange happened. My clients started asking me, “So I have a website, it looks awesome, but it doesn’t bring me lots of clients🤨
And it dawned on me💡 if website is your address but no one knows who you are and how to find you, no one will come to you! Ta-daaaa😲😲😲
Social media is a great trust builder and traffic generator, but if you don’t have a brand, it’s gonna cost you a lot to get people buy from you.
That’s how the idea of building brands came to life. It allows small businesses create the brand they are proud of and that people know, like and trust. Creating a brand is also the proper way to a successful business no matter what happens in the outside world (remember 2020🙈) , because you will have your raving fans for life if you keep outperforming and overdelivering😘

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