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Brand Building

💻Brand Building💻

Hi guys, with everything that’s happening now in the world I thought I’d start weekly articles about DIY Brand Building.

Do you have a brand or just a business?
What is a brand anyway?
Your brand is what your customers think of your you as a business. Think about Coke, Nike, Prada. They all have brands, not just businesses. When people think of soda they usually think of Coke, right? Do you get me?
So when you start your business you gotta think of yourself as a brand and about the brand building strategies you are gonna use for your small business.

Strategies for Brand Building

First thing first. You have to answer a few questions to yourself
❓What’s your story?
❓Who are you serving – your TA (target audience)
❓How are you helping them – what’s your product, process, services
❓Why you? – what’s unique about you? Why would your TA go for you instead of your competition? Do you know your competition?
Every Great brand has a Great story behind them.

Brand Story

  • How did you create your business?
  • What was your mess that you wanted to turn into a message?

If you are selling water and say to yourself, “well, everyone and their grandma drinks water so everyone needs my product,” you are setting yourself up for failure.

You will have to find that perfect audience that you will be serving, and that you will enjoy serving them.
I’ve had clients that I loved working with and I keep working with them regularly, and then I had other clients that tried to squeeze every little extra thing they could get from me for free.
You guessed it right, I don’t work with them anymore.
In the next post we will discuss how to craft your story so it’s appealing but for now try to think of your business in terms of a brand and answer those questions 😘

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