• Become Media 10 Brand Building strategies for 2021
    A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.  Jeff Bezos Hey there, Small Business owners. In today’s post we will talk about what a Brand is,
  • How To Do Local SEO for Small Businesses Alberton, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa local SEO services
    How to do Local SEO for your Small Business? ⠀ What’s the difference between a regular SEO and a Local SEO? ⠀ SEO is search engine optimization, meaning you optimize your site to show up on the first page of
  • How to do SEO in 2021, search engine optimization, alberton, johannesburg, south africa
    How to do SEO in 8 simple steps for 2021 In the yesterday’s post we discussed what SEO is and why it’s important, in today’s post we will chat about how to do it. SEO is search engine optimization. It
  • What is Search Engine Optimization Alberton Johannesburg South Africa
    Search Engine Optimization vs Ads Who else hates ads? Aren’t they just irritating? What about Search Engine Optimization? Imagine you need to find an answer to your question. You Google it and then a bunch of ads come up on
  • Brand Story in 5 steps + template Brand Building Brand Story Alberton, Johannesburg, South Africa
    Brand Story in 5 steps In the previous post we spoke about Brand Building and learnt that it starts with your Story. What is it and why is it crucial for small businesses? When you just start out, no one
  • Brand Building Services, Alberton, Johannesburg, South Africa, Small Business Branding
    Brand Building Hi guys, with everything that’s happening now in the world I thought I’d start weekly articles about DIY Brand Building. Do you have a brand or just a business? What is a brand anyway? Your brand is what
  • inmotion american hosting
    Hey entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and multipreneurs! Are you ready for the 2nd issue of our DIY website building series? So you have a domain. Now what? Now you need a hosting? What is that? If domain was your home address, Hosting
  • Hi guys, hope everyone is doing fabulous and excited about Summer! It’s almost here!!! Today I wanted to talk to you about Domains. What are Domains? Do you need one for your site? Where do you get a Domain here

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